Purely Living

Pure Food, Pure Medicine, Pure Energy, Purely Living!
Welcome to Purely Living
This website is to honor the timeless practice of living pure. Purity is when you break something down to its simplest form without any mixture. Purely living is getting back to the essential, meaningful part about living. Living that involves, food, health, shelter, energy, family, relationships... This is what we hope to share with you, and hope you will share with us. We are in this world together. Let's learn from one another!
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Purely Living is about the simple, pure things in life.

When our family sat down to discuss the huge change in life regarding homeschooling our children, we came up with the idea of sharing all the experiences, knowledge, and projects we will be doing over the years. We love community. It is also one of the ways of purely living. So, building an even larger community through a website where people with common interests can meet and share information with one another. This is how our community can grow strong. And, in the process of learning and doing, you will gain confidence in yourself. You will learn to live purely, simply. You will be able to share your knowledge with other. We will grow together! This is Purely Living...

Go to the gardening page to get your the name of your seed. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page and post pictures as your plant begins to grow. It's a great way to share knowledge and joy in gardening.