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Creating Your Own Energy

Everything is Energy

One of the best things to learn in life is how to create energy. Most people have to buy energy from Edison, or from some fueling station. We use batteries, and we charge our electronic items. But, how would your life change if you didn't have to pay for energy? I can tell you it would revolutionize the world. Well, here is the place where we can share ideas and finally get to that place of freedom and independance.
Everything is energy. You're using it right now to read this post. The key to successful energy usage is using the minimum amount to get the maximum results. That's called efficiency. We will be teaching you how to better use your energy in everyday tasks. Be sure to check back often to see what we post!

Energy Life Hacks!

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Purely Living

Part of purely living is using the minimum amount of energy and getting the maximum result. So often we use way too much energy to do simple things. This section will be updated regularly with some great tips that we use to better energy usage.